Our Teachers


a list that is likely to change… as yogis we remain flexible


Ash Bond

If you have any questions - either before or during the Campout, come find me! I shall probably be the one in pigtails, dungarees and wellies.

Outside of campout time, I can be found teaching a motley collection of Yoga classes in Bristol or playing on teacher trainings around the UK. I am so blessed to be connected to so many skilled practitioners (who, it turns out, also happen to be super lovely people). The programme for this weekend is a beautiful bundle of this wisdom and talent from complementary disciplines across the Yoga world - I look forward to seeing you all in my wellies at the weekend! ash x

flyingmonkeyyoga.org | @flyingmonkeyyoga


Ashley Russell

Ashley has been a student and teacher of yoga for over 20 years working in Europe, the USA and now back in the UK. He is also a registered psychiatric nurse and have been practicing for over 25 years.

Ashley teaches vinyasa, hatha, restorative and yin style. He is one of the core teachers at the Bristol School of Yoga and bring with me over two decades of experience in yoga, teaching and psychiatry. Ashley has helped many people with different stories and is inspired by others taking a leap of faith towards transformation.

Ashley will be teaching a Vinyasa class to kickstart the Campout at 11am in the Yoga Barn.

www.ashleyrussell.org.uk | @ashley4yoga


Will Dukes

Will teaches with a boundless enthusiasm for all things acro! His background as a fitness instructor infuses his classes with an understanding of how the body works and where it wants to go - and mostly that is skyward! Join his AcroYoga classes to learn how to defy gravity and clamber on each other with skill (and maybe a little grace!).

superyogi.co.uk | @superyogiuk


Jade Hallie

Jade Hallie is a fully qualified and registered nutritionist with a decade of experience actively promoting health and wellbeing in the community with individuals, groups, organisations and schools nationwide (as well as being one of my favourite people on the planet!).

Jade has worked for the National Health Service, Public Health England and local authorities. She is a nutrition lecturer at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and is the creator of Love First Nutrition. Jade will be delivering a series of talks around stress-relief and positivity.

lovefirstnutrition.co.uk | @jade_hallie


Alice Holmes

Alice is a doctor and a yoga teacher. She believes in breath-body-mind connection for healing and wholeness. Her classes are inspired by Forrest and Vinyasa. Alice will be talking to us about her work with trauma-sensitive Yoga in the Talking Tent and taking us through a practice of Yoga and bodywork in the Yoga Barn on Saturday.

Alice and I met through AcroYoga, but really bonded through our love of the Forrest Yoga style which Alice teaches with such grace and sensitivity. Alice will be sharing some of these gems with us in her Yoga & Bodywork Workshop in The Yoga Barn and her Philosophy lecture in the Talking Tent.



Charly Crump

A former Primary school teacher, Charly is a Forest School facilitator and a Yoga teacher. Charly is also committed vegan, a trail runner and a maker of wonderful hand-crafted soaps. Charly will be talking us through easeful ways of working with our natural environment whilst reducing our impact upon it.


Rose Bird

Medical Student, Yoga enthusiast, Acro-Lover, and all round good egg.

Rose has 8 years of experience teaching & training across the world. She brings a unique depth of knowledge, experience and intuition to my teaching. She loves partnering challenge of moving through life from a kind and compassionate centre with her variety of strong physical movement practices.

Rose arrived at my AcroYoga class years ago, and I was immediately entranced by her generosity in sharing her practice. This beautiful badass soul will be teaching AcroVinyasa in The Acro Field and Playful Inversions in The Yoga Barn.

@medicyogi | medicyogi.weebly.com


Liz Phelps

As an independant therapist Liz is passionate about massage and its effectiveness as an holistic treatment.

She has had a successful practise in Cheltenham for over 9 years and has added many forms of massage and training to her knowledge bank. Liz is a Yoga teacher and is a qualified and fully insured Acroyoga International Teacher.

I met Liz on an AcroYoga training years ago and have been blessed to stay connected since. She is offering her exceptional massage teaching in the Talking Tent on Saturday afternoon and you’ll be sure to see her upside down in the Acro Field too!



Wendy Francis

Wendy is a fully qualified and registered mindfulness meditation teacher. Wendy also works as a wellbeing and mindfulness meditation trainer for Bristol Mind.

Wendy has a keen interest in wellbeing therapies and is currently training as a Reiki practitioner. She enjoys her weekly Scaravelli inspired yoga sessions although she feels she has much to learn. She is a self-help enthusiast and is passionate about sharing how looking after ourselves and our own wellbeing benefits not only our inner spirit but everyone and society as a whole.


Sarah Bond

Textile artist, former Art teacher of 25 years and proud mum, this is Sarah’s 4th year at The Campout. Sarah exhibits annual at Bradford Upon Avon and is a committee member of the Wiltshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers specialising in contemporary patchwork and embroidery.

Sarah will be running the Craft Cafe where you will find her creating fabric flowers and crafting cards and flower fairies.